Brandon T. Barnes Complete Album Listing

2013- Hot Metal Brass Band: Open Your Eyes
2013- Zoot Island: Zoot Island
2013- Amanda McCoy: The Hurt
2013- Leon Daniels: Nothing Takes The Place Of You
2012- Robert Peckman: Right Where I Want to Be
2012- Miss Freddye: That Kinda Woman
2010- We Three: The Next Generation
2010- Gus Collins: Soul Social
2009- Bethany Rock Ensemble: Thick is Blooder
2009- Amanda McCoy: Jade
2009- John Walters: Resume
2009- Stevee Wellons: With All Natural Ingredients
2009- David Avery: Feel Good for a While
2009- Tommy Brown: Rockin Away My Blues
2008- Eugene Morgan: Enough Is Enough
2008- James Hilton: Out There!
2008- Bobby Wayne: Soul Station
2007- Robert Peckman: Stirrin’ Up Bees
2007- Larry Nath: Live It!
2007- Craig King: Breakthrough
2006- Missing Pages: Modus Operandi (DVD)
2006- Fitzgerald & Beach: Pilot Me
2005- Missing Pages: It’s About Time
2005- Various Artists: Bonedog’s Beach Bash Vol. 2
2005- Various Artists: Bonedog’s Beach Bash Vol. 1
2005- Hoodoo Drugstore: Misfits, Murderers & Madmen
2004- Bobby Wayne: Hit That Thing
2004- Leon Daniels: Oh! What A Wonderful Life!
2004- Tommy Brown: Remember Me
2003- Piney Brown: My Task
2002- Leon Daniels & The El Venos: Vintage Collection