“Brandon has a vast knowledge of musical styles and his sense of tempo is remarkable. A very precise drummer, Brandon can take direction like a pro. He always seems to come up with just the right beat. As a bass player, it is a great asset to have him as a rhythm section partner”

Al Peden
Professional Bassist, Pittsburgh PA

“When I hit the studio, there are two drummers that I call… Brandon Barnes and Kenny Aronoff. In the studio, Brandon lays down tracks effortlessly – all while adding his special touch of creativity, and groove. When I’m on bass guitar, it’s such a treat to perform with him! Brandon is extremely solid, and yet he ventures outside of the box to catch any little funky thing that I throw his way. He’s a bass guitarists dream! Not only is Brandon a total pro in the studio, he also lights up any stage with his incredible talent, stage presence, confidence, spot on performance, and personality. Whether it’s in the studio, a rehearsal, or a live performance – Brandon is the absolute best. Period. If Brandon Barnes is driving the train, I know I’m in for one hell of a ride!”

Amanda McCoy
Professional Bassist/ Guitarist/ Singer/ Songwriter, Nashville TN


“Brandon is the most versatile player I have ever worked with in a group. No matter the style, size of group, or setting he is always spot on and sounds great.”

Devon Smeal
Professional Trumpeter, Pittsburgh PA
Leader of the Hot Metal Brass Band, Music Educator


“​In my most important projects, I have used three drummers, Kenny Aronoff, Sean Sunderland, and Brandon Barnes. Not only is Brandon an excellent drummer, but he’s an excellent arranger of percussion parts, as well as an amazing sight-reader. He comes to each project more than prepared: In the recording studio he’s always prepared to do more tracks than we had planned. He’s got fully-worked out ideas for the main percussion parts and other ideas with which to experiment. His timing is impeccable and he can work with the most complex of click tracks and produce a compelling groove. What he produces in a few takes needs little or no editing. The few takes on any particular track just gives us more excellent choices from which to choose, mix, and match.
​These abilities also apply to Brandon’s live performance. He comes completely prepared to realize a previously recorded track of his or anyone else’s, in addition to offering improvements, ideas, and suggestions. He is adept at performing live with or without a click track or electronic loops. A very musical and tasteful player, Brandon varies his dynamics, fills, and overall activity to complement the music and is always aware of what is going on around him, being particularly cognizant of direct and implied cues from the other musicians.


​Beyond his technical expertise as a drummer/percussionist, he also has technical expertise in the area of onstage monitoring, sound reinforcement, and computer applications in a live performance environment. Brandon comes with a positive personality and a non-overbearing enthusiasm to help create the artist’s vision and to make the project as good as it can be. He always goes the extra mile in preparation, time spent, and professionalism.”

Pandel Collaros
Musician and Producer


In 2006 I invited Brandon Barnes to audition to play drum set with my group We Three. We Three is both a dance band and a show band playing many private parties as well as Italian Festivals throughout the USA. The repertoire was vast and greatly varied. I was very impressed with the way Brandon approached this position. He prepared charts for every piece that he was not familiar with and even for those he had played before in a previous situation. He was clearly prepared and I hired him immediately at the end of the audition.


Brandon was meticulous in the way he listened and was able to provide the style and type of playing the group was accustomed to.

As a result of his conscientious work I hired Brandon in 2008 to be the drummer for the US Touring Band for international artist Patrizio Buanne. Once again Brandon proved his worth preparing for this gig with an entirely different repertoire of music. We toured for the next four years extensively throughout the USA.


In the past year I hired Brandon Barnes to perform percussion and drum set for another international artists for whom I am music director, Giorgia Fumanti. Brandon is equally comfortable performing all areas of percussion as he is playing drum set. This repertoire once again was completely different. We performed a good bit of Italian Film Score music by Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota as well as American and French music.

In additional to playing I’ve leaned on Brandon at times to additionally run MIDI or Audio tracks for the shows.


I would engage Brandon for nearly any musical gig because I know he will do the work and preparation required to make certain the concert, or show goes off without a hitch.


I would give Brandon my highest recommendation as both a performer and an educator.

Vito DiSalvo
Managing Partner MHM Productions LLC
Mifflin Hills Music Publishing LLC
Owner and Leader of We Three